Free Market Research

OnePointTwoChinaFactoryWe offer Free Market Research tailored to your needs to find the right partner in China – here is what we do and why we do it:

For many years buyers have been flocking to China in search of cost reduction, and in the majority of cases have probably succeeded in obtaining a lower unit cost, but at what cost? Setting up any new production comes with an upfront cost of time and resource, and the massive question as to whether you have set up with the right partner for the long-term? How you approach this initial stage is vital, and how you make this initial decision could literally make or break your business.

Whilst unit cost is of course a vital element in moving or establishing production in China, our experience tells us that quality, service and continuity of supply rank as of equal importance post the euphoria of a unit cost reduction. Without a reliable supply base, years of brand building can come crashing down, and the unit cost quickly forgotten as engineers and managers start spending more time trying to resolve manufacturing issues, and goods are all sent by expensive air freight to frustrated customers.

There are plenty of stories of such problems, and the blame is always targeted at the ‘useless supplier’ – and not at the bad decision made to start business with the wrong company. Initial research is important, and all too often it comes down to:

  • Internet search done in the buyer’s country.
  • Attending trade fairs.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Random e mails sent with RFQ attached.

Whilst the internet has made it extremely easy to find an answer, it does not provide a full picture on the company contacted and is unable to determine the difference between a good website and a suitable manufacturer.

The same is true of a trade fair – a few companies exhibiting does not provide a full picture of all manufacturers in the industry, and whilst it might provide options, they are limited. Word of mouth can be successful in industry specific applications, but recommendations might not be relevant to your specific company needs.

We often hear about random e mails sent out to unknown suppliers – we are often asked to discuss the requirements by Chinese companies that have received them – our perception is that most are designed to hunt for the cheapest price and are doomed to fail as a result. We have experience of well-known automotive companies adopting this policy, and also seen the consequences of their short sighted policies – we strongly advise against this.

Our belief is that there will be at least one ideal business partner, and it is worth taking time to do some formal independent market research – which is exactly what we offer – for free! We offer our time so that we can gain an understanding of your objectives, and then establish whether we can or cannot assist your unique requirements. If we don’t think we are the right company to support you in China we would respectfully decline to go any further.

Our desk research is carried out from our Shanghai office and the companies we contact will not know your identity, but we will share all of their information with you. We will give you their full information – names, locations and contacts.

Our typical research phase will identify 20-60 relevant manufacturing companies within 30 days, but the art in the research is to identify which of those companies provide the optimal long term options – this is not easy for a non-Chinese national to do.

The research will help determine whether established Chinese manufacturers can meet your requirements, and providing our findings are positive we would recommend travelling to China to meet our team and visit a select few of the options. We will plan and support your trip, and aim to agree a way forward from this point.

No research can be complete until we are comfortable that we can form, develop and maintain a relationship over the long term with a supplier – called ‘Guanxi.’ 1.2 hold all the relationships on behalf of our customers, and allow our customers to focus on developing their business.

Research is important – don’t overlook this phase, and end up battling with an unsuitable supplier.

If you would like to discuss this free research, please contact us on (+44) 01225 460 388 or