Meet The Team

We have an experienced, professional and enthusiastic team who love helping similar minded people.
Between us all, we have developed over 2,300 unique products for our customers
and managed their long term supply.

This is our team:

ALEX is the founder and director of 1.2 and loves helping companies grow. When not working, eating or sleeping he finds time to cycle up mountains to relax, current highest Col du Galibier at 2,645m, current further 300km in a day in Wales.
FORREST heads up the Shanghai office and is the first friendly face you will meet on arrival. He has a passion for taking customers to the best restaurants and demonstrating Chinese food at its best. There are over 20,000 restaurants in Shanghai, and he knows most of them!
KELLY works to locate the best opportunities for our customers, and negotiates like a demon! Kelly loves French food, and visited Shanghai Expo three times just for the food!


ALLISON is really in charge of everything, so she is the one you need to be nice to! Allison has worked at 1.2 for 4 years, and will know where all your products are. Allison is sport mad and if not watching it she can be seen leaping around badminton courts in Bath.
SPENCER heads the technical side of operations in China, and is frequently travelling to factories to check parts and work with factories. Spencer manages to constantly smile even when giving suppliers a hard time!
SIMON is our technical guru in Frome, and understands how just about everything works! When not helping us fix our cars, he can be seen racing his MTB down vertical slopes – so it is always a surprise if he can walk into the office on a Monday in one piece.


PHOEBE manages all the day to day communication with the factories. In the great art of communication, Phoebe is fantastically efficient, and finishes most tasks before we have thought about them. She is a cooking specialist and regularly shares her creations in the office
GRACE works out how to get your goods to you and makes sure all your documentation is correct. When evening falls Grace becomes a disco diva in the clubs of Shanghai!
TONY develops the relationships with the suppliers and ensures everyone is happy. If you don’t know what ‘guanxi’ is, Tony is the man you need. Tony is a TV celebrity in China having come second in a popular investment program.


CANDY is in charge of all the money, and getting it from you to your supplier whilst keeping all the authorities happy! Candy likes nothing more than singing along with friends at KTV.
MELODY is busy learning the art of multinational project management which makes her just about nocturnal! Currently focusing on business in the America’s, she likes to swing a tennis racquet when not working.
MS ZHANG is our admin goddess in Shanghai. She is also a great fan of playing badminton, another great sport the British invented, but Chinese seem to be better at

SELENA has joined us as a trainee. She is making a great start to working life, and a friendly face to help out in the office.