CNC Machine Tools

One Point Two assist UK & USA based companies to subcontract production to manufacturers in China. Our aim is to provide smaller companies with the benefits of outsourcing to China without the hassle.

Our services include:

·  Market Research
·  Partner Identification
·  Negotiating Terms & Conditions
·  Product Development
·  Product Inspection
·  Logistical Support
·  Long term Management

The benefits of working with us include:

·  Strict confidentiality in all our activities and research.
·  Full time technical & management support in the UK & China (management in USA).
·  Fully transparency of the supply chain and access to it.
·  Access to advanced resources & capital equipment.
·  Competitive prices from good quality suppliers.
·  Inspection of goods to your specific standards.
·  The ability to grow & expand into new markets.
·  Long term support with all the issues associated with international business.

We have helped develop & supply over 2,500 bespoke products, supplying many millions of parts made in diverse materials including stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and titanium going into sectors such as oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, safety critical and general engineering.


We have a proven track record of assisting companies to increase their profits.
For a free, confidential, no obligation conversation, call: 01225 460 388,
or email us at mail@onepointtwo.com